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Introducing Eco Pickled Surface (EPS)

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The future of pickling technology has arrived at Stripco.  Eco Pickled Surface (EPS) is an environmentally friendly pickling technology that uses slurry blasting as an alternative to traditional acid pickling. 

There are no toxic chemicals involved in the process. Rather, a mixture of steel grit, water, and rust-inhibitor is used to remove scale from hot rolled black surfaces. The innovative approach to pickling also creates a more consistent surface, removes light hot mill defects, and is available dry but still corrosion-resistant.  See the difference for yourself.



EPS has been thoroughly tested in manufacturing environments, and it's proven to perform as well or better than acid pickled material.  Use this chart to compare the technologies.





Hydrochloric / Sulfuric Acid

Steel Grit, Water, Rust-Inhibitor

Painting A





Laser & Plasma Cutting



Dry Surface D F

Uniform Surface Texture B

Reduce Mill Defects C

Reduce Welding Fumes

Reduce Surface Prep Work

Improved Lubrication Control D

Environmentally Friendly G

A. Nine automotive OEM paint tests confirm EPS meets or exceeds industry specifications.
B. EPS  has a lower Rz (standard deviation) and is typically 3-4 Ra higher than traditional acid-pickled surface.
C. Rolled in Scale; Roll Marks; Pitts; Silicon Streaks; Scratches.
D. Stamping - no oil film barrier.  Roll-forming - less tooling slip.
E. Common extras apply.
F. Oiled surface available.
G. No toxic chemicals. Lower energy consumption.

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